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Lenses -  the most important part of your new pair of glasses We strive to use the highest quality antireflective lenses that will give you the clearest and crispest vision possible at all distances. Whether you wear single vision glasses for distance or near, progressive lenses, bifocal or trifocals, you name it - we've got it. And our professional, skilled opticians are here to help you choose the best lens options for your needs.

Superior Single Vision

Eyezen & Zeiss

Eyezen Lenses are full field single vision lens with an extra boost at near vision to help reduce digital eye strain. Learn more here!

Zeiss ClearView lenses are not your average single vision lens. Thinner and lighter than you standard single vision lens, they also offer enhanced optics throughout the entire lens! Check them out here!


Varilux, Unity, Nikon, Zeiss

Driving to work, staring at a computer screen, reading the newspaper... How many pairs of glasses do you need??? Just one! Progressive lenses help you to seamlessly see at all distances no matter where you are or what you are doing. Click on each lens manufacturer above to see the benefits of wearing progressive lenses



Computer screens, phone screens, tablet screens fluorescent lights and car head lights... Digital eye strain is a common problems living in today's digital age. Crizal antireflective lenses can help. Click here to learn about which antiglare is right for you 


Darken while outdoors and turn back to clear indoors - transitions adapt to the amount of light exposure and darkens and lightens accordingly.  Virtually try on a pair here!



Not just stylish but also the best protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, polarized sunglass lenses will give you the best clarity and can even protect from skin cancer and cataracts. Maui Jim's PolarizedPlus2 Technology will give you the best protection and clarity. Watch this video explaining more!

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