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Make a Statement

You wear them on your face everyday. Be bold or be subtle.  Be trendy or be conservative.  But most importantly: BE YOU! Our skilled, professional opticians will be happy to help you choose the perfect pair of frames that will make a statement!


Never Break Your Glasses Again!


For those of you that always seem to step on, sit on, sleep on or run over your glasses... these frames are for you!  Made out of surgical steel and titanium these glasses can literally last you a lifetime. Check out their website and see how these frames are manufactured and other great features of these virtually indestructible frames!

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Barely There

The World's Lightest glasses! They are incredibly durable, made out of titanium and they practically disappear on your face. For those of you who need to wear glasses but want to have the "I'm not wearing glasses look"... these are for you! Check out their website to learn more about these amazing frames made in Austria

Polinelli Desk.jpg


Reader's Not Just for the Middle Aged

Italian inspired, premium reading glasses with BluePro Technology that blocks 30% of harmful blue light, and features UVA/UVB protection. These wonderful readers also come in non-prescription digital glasses great for those that are constantly using digital devices for work or school and great for wearing over contact lenses! Get yours today!!

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Maui Jim

Fun in the Sun

Color. Clarity. Detail. Created on the Hawaiian Islands to make the colors shine, all Maui Jim sunglasses feature patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology. Maui Jim sunglasses won't change the world, they'll change the way you see it; vivid colors, improved clarity, and crisp details—all while blocking glare and harmful UV. Check out their variety of styles not only in sunglasses but also in ophthalmic lenses.


Trend Setters

Ray Ban & Penguin

For the trendy teen or for anyone that wants to stay hip! You can't go wrong with these timeless styles. Since 1937 Ray Ban has a history of producing quality eyewear that never seems to go out of style - varying from round to aviator and even octagonal. Penguin also has a variety of classic styles with roots in the Rat Pack era of the 1950's. 


The Essence of Italy

Prada * Salvatore Ferragamo

Italian design is unique, bold, and stylish. Timeless and fashion forward - Prada is one of the most widely recognized brands in the fashion, gives keen attention to details and new trends. The basic principles underlying Salvatore Ferragamo’s art of shoemaking, craftsmanship, creativity and elegance, are reflected in the entire product range, inclusive of eyewear.


For Our Little Ones

Dilli Dalli

Practical, safe and adorable - Dilli Dalli provides frames that will fit your child's needs. Dilli Dalli prides themselves in providing the safest frames for your child made out of a hypoallergenic plastic with no small parts or sharp edges. Not only are they incredibly safe but also incredibly adorable. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. 

Don't let this page fool you! These frames are just the tip of the iceberg! Stop by and talk to one of our opticians that will show you our vast and ever growing frame collection. We will be happy to help you find the frame that best suits you and makes a statement before

 you do!

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